“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

G.K. Chesterton

About Juliette

As the nights draw in and we start the countdown to Christmas there is still so much uncertainty for all of us. The longer that we live with the impact of the Coronavirus the harder it is to find the inner peace and feelings of security that so many of us long for. In addition there are all the more ‘normal’ life stressors that we face that, at times, can make us feel that life is unmanageable and stressful.  If you find yourself looking for support I believe that I am skilled at offering a deeply nurturing, safe and trusting space where you can look at where you find yourself in your life and what stops you from having the life your heart desires.

I am a Psychotherapist working with a broad spectrum of clients, which include bereavement & grief. Couples/relationship therapy. Psychosexual therapy. Trauma therapy. EMDR therapy and life coaching based in West London. I am also a published author. My approach is integrative, meaning that I draw on a variety of different forms of therapy that suit the needs of every individual client. I have also done a lot of work as a Soul Midwife – working with the dying in many different capacities and so if you find yourself needing to talk to someone specifically about death, bereavement/grief counselling is an area of expertise of mine.

I work with individuals, couples as well as family members & friends. I am trained to work with people from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and with a wide range of difficulties.

I believe that we all have the ability to solve our problems and face our difficulties, but recognise from personal experience that, at times, we need support and help. My job is to work with you either individually or as a couple to find clarity in a situation, understand your role within it and to explore ways to enable you to get through it and bring positive change to your life.

My intention is to provide you with a supportive and non-judgemental space that enables you to explore your troubles and discontent. My role is to listen, engage with how you see yourself and your life and ultimately, to help you to see things more clearly, often from a different perspective. I would like you to feel able to express yourself freely and honestly, something that is often difficult with families and friends. I don’t offer advise or tell you what to do, but offer suggestions and ideas around what we discuss. My hope is that you feel able to bring all of who you are and what is troubling you, without judging it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

I look forward to hearing from you.