“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves”
Viktor Frankl


Working in a group is just as valuable as one-to-one counselling as it reveals just how similar we are as human beings. A person can draw strength, insight and wisdom from another’s perspective and this intimate shared experience has the potential to deepen your own learning and self-awareness.

I have created a series of bespoke workshops to explore key areas that my therapy often throws up. They are an exciting and effective way of learning and healing through shared experiences and often feature thought provoking exercises and discussions. From client testimonials, I know that many people really benefit from other participant’s feedback on the day, a very different exchange to that between counsellor and client.

In my experience a group workshop can really enhance one-on-one counselling if a person is at a relevant point in their journey of self-discovery. Equally, they can be treated separately if a person’s needs demand it. I work with both single sex and co-gender groups in London, countrywide and overseas.

The groups are intentionally small (maximum of 8 people), with a commitment to confidentiality to engender a safe space for all involved. Timing is from 10.00 – 18.00.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions about my workshops or are interested in me coming to your organisation or community to work with you.

Beyond our Masks
Our experiences, beliefs, motivations and actions have shaped us into who we are as adults today. When we’re born we arrive just as we are, there is not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ inherent in our personalities. Beyond our Masks is a one-day workshop that offers you an opportunity to stop and explore the different masks you present to the world.
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The Way of Grief
The Way of Grief is a one-day workshop that explores the losses that participants have experienced in their lives and the impacts those losses have had. Loss is a universal experience but grief is unique to the individual and impacts our everyday lives in many ways.
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Shame’s Whisper
Is there a part of yourself you keep hidden from the world? A part you have difficulty acknowledging or accepting and are afraid to share with others? Perhaps you keep repeating critical messages in your head without knowing how they got there.
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Let’s Talk About Sex
This one day workshop provides an opportunity to explore and discuss the sensitive subject of sex. By exploring the break points in the sexual arousal circuit; childhood sexual messages as well as the myths and legends surrounding sex, participants start to see that sexual problems are not located solely in the genitals.
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