Beyond our Masks

“This workshop is golden: it offers a safe environment to explore the most intimate parts of our characters and behaviours. Most importantly, it offers the opportunity to begin to free your authentic self.’

“If you are willing to bring all facets of yourself you will find yourself staring straight into your own eyes.”

“This workshop has given me a valuable insight into myself and has opened channels for me to express my individuality. It has been a beacon of hope in a well of despair. I am truly grateful for this life raft in my drowning sea of confusion.”

“Extraordinarily insightful – challenging to my self beliefs” – “I didn’t believe I had masks until I carried out this workshop – oh what a surprise and THANK YOU!”

“Having done lots of personal development work recently I felt I was ‘workshopped out’. I came along willing to participate but not thinking it was very relevant for me. However, I have come away with so much more than I ever imagined.”

The Way of Grief

“I thought I wouldn’t survive facing my grief, but in this environment I was proved wrong. Thank you!”

“A safe and special place was created today. I could look at my losses, grieve for them and finally feel optimistic about the future. I am so grateful to have been able to attend this workshop.”

“To grieve is indeed a necessary, and for me an extremely painful process. Today has helped me take one of the steepest steps in this hill I need to climb. The other steps will seem easier now.”

“Loss can seem like a heavy stone being thrown in water, but what I have realised is that it leaves ripples that can affect all aspects of life. So to be in a supportive environment to explore this is deeply nurturing.”

Shame’s Whisper

“I feel released from my cloak of shame. I am excited for my future.”

“Do this workshop – even if it scares you,or you feel it is not relevant. You will be amazed at the self-sabotaging stories you tell yourself and that it doesn’t have to be like this.”

“Just what I was looking for exploring this really difficult & personal issue. Juliette is an inspiring, honest & sensitive facilitator.  felt utterly safe in the environment. I am so glad I gathered the courage to attend.”

“Taking my shame out of my darkness has left me feeling lighter, brighter and hopeful.”

Let’s Talk About Sex

“I found this workshop to be a warm, safe and secure space, expertly created and guided, to explore a sensitive topic that I had trouble talking about in the past. This has given me the confidence to fully explore this more”

“A really valuable day once I let go of the stigma attached to the subject. It made me realise that good communication and good sex go hand in hand.”

“A wonderfully safe, supportive environment in which to talk about sex. I learned as much from hearing the other people’s stories as i did from sharing mine. All in an atmosphere that included laughter as well”

“I realise that this is my opportunity to change what I have always done and have the kind of sexual relationship I have always wanted”