“Let us sing a new song not with our lips, but with our lives” St. Augustine

About Therapy

Whether as an individual, couple or family members, I offer a safe space for you to explore and discuss whatever it is you wish to bring. Talking to a skilled and neutral person, like myself, helps you to recognise the feelings, issues and patterns that are stopping you from being happy or having the relationships you desire.

Some people come to therapy feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, others need to be coaxed into sharing their feelings to get to the heart of their problems. Saying that, your experience will be unique. It can often be a trek into unchartered territor – exposing many issues such as, childhood, sexuality, grief, shame, anger and relationships with self and others.

Therapy offers an opportunity to truly engage with your authentic self. To share the silent ache in your heart, to get to know yourself better and to reclaim your feelings, instincts and experiences. I believe that therapy can offer the opportunity to re-build our emotional selves from the shattered pieces of a difficult time. As you integrate new skills and a greater understanding of yourself, you will be able to navigate any challenges that you may face in your life in a different way. With time and work, we can use crisis and stress as powerful vehicles for transformation.