Perhaps this poem is similar to the journey taken in therapy?

‘Go Deeper’? By Joyce Rupp

The persistent voice of midlife ?wooed and wailed, wept and whined, ?nagged like an insistent lover, ?promised a guide to protect me? as I turned intently toward my soul.

As I stood at the door of ‘Go Deeper’ ?I heard the ego’s howl of resistance, ?felt the shivers of my false security, ?but knew there could be no other way.? Inward I travelled, down, down, down, ?drawn further into the truth ?than I ever intended to go.

As I moved far and deep and long ?eerie things long lain hidden ?jeered at me with shadowy voices ?while love I’d never envisioned?wrapped compassionate ribbons ?‘round my fearful, anxious heart.

Further in I sank, to the depths,? past all my arrogance and confusion, ?through all my questions and doubts, ?beyond all I held to be fact.

Finally I stood before a new door: ?the Hall of Oneness and Freedom.?Uncertain and wary, I slowly opened? discovering a space of welcoming light.

I entered the sacred inner room? where everything sings of Mystery. ?No longer could I deny or resist ?the decay of clenching control? and the silent gasps of surrender.

There in that sacred place of Self,? love of a lasting kind came forth, ?embracing me like a long beloved one ?come home for the first time.

Much that I thought to be ‘me’? crept to the corners and died.? In its place a being named  ‘Peace?’ slipped beside and softly spoke my name?’Welcome home, True Self, ?I’ve been waiting for you’.

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