The Gift Of Self Love

On the day you were born there was a powerful celebration. All the angels and guides surrounded your sweet new soul brought into this body. Together they gifted you with treasures to carry you through your life’s journey.

One angel presented you with the gift of laughter so that lyrical delight would ring out from you. Another brought the gift of breath so that you could whisper wondrous words of support and breathe in all the delicious aromas and scents of this world. One guide gifted you with respect so that you could bring this into your relationships with all things and beings and have it mirrored back onto you. One angel shared the gift of fierceness, knowing you would need it at times to stand your ground.

On and on, one by one, the angels and guides stepped forward and showered you with gift after gift. Your little body glowed with the essence of them all; grace, vulnerability, wonder, passion, silliness, acceptance, joy, flexibility, determination, peace, resiliency, and insight. On and on into the first night of your little life they came, one after another, to be certain that you would be bestowed with all the unique gifts you would need to bless this world you were entering.

They knew of your greatness. They knew of your promise. They awaited your arrival and the celebration had begun. Together they gathered to cherish you and to honor the being you were and would become.

The final angel stepped forward and gave the very last gift they had brought. It was the gift of self-love. And it was said, “May she always use this gift wisely and generously, it is the spark that ignites the power of all the other gifts. It is the fire that will fuel them. It is the softness that will allow them to expand. It is the strength that will support them in times of need. This last gift is where the seeds of her true beauty will grow and flourish.”

Lisa Meade

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